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Your natural wooden floors are a prize asset; a thing of beauty; a solid foundation; and a lifestyle feature.


So when they’ve become old and shabby; marked and scratched; pitted and damaged...


                  Modern floor sanding has the answers.


                                      When you choose the right company:


                  Get specialist floor repair and restoration from:


The  Floor Repair Contractors !



Whether your wooden floor is in the home or a commercial location, you need the assurance that it will be in safe hands.


Here’s what you will receive:


Expertise from a family firm with extensive experience -


Make use of our twenty years in the business: bringing floors back to life in every setting.


                The best advice - We’ll assess the condition of your floor and tell you exactly what it needs.


               Friendly and reliable - we’ll talk you through the various options and prepare a restoration schedule.


            Your floor restored - whatever its type:


  solid hardwood floors of oak or beech


  solid softwood floors of pine


engineered boards ie. with a layer of veneer over strips of wood.



These restore very well - but can only be sanded for a limited number of times.



parquet and herringbone blocks:


These patterned floors were developed from the late 1600s at the Court of Versailles.  An expensive luxury for two centuries (as the blocks were handmade) until machine - crafting in the late Victorian led to their great


popularity from the 1920s to the 50s.  Many properties of this period enjoy multi-designed parquet floors.


Parquet is too good to stay covered over with rugs and carpets. Give yours a break by having them restored to their youthful beauty.


 So what will we do?  


realign and reset any wobbly boards or blocks.



replace damaged timber with matching material.



As parquet blocks are very variable, we will go to reclaimed sources to find the ones to match.




provide a natural look to your wooden floor. Wooden boards respond to environmental humidity and therefore gaps tend to open up in winter and close in summer as the seasons progress.


It’s all matter of personal choice. Some people like the character gaps give to a floor.  If you prefer a more even look, we can fill them in with strips of wood or wood dust mixed with resin.



Then - it’s down to the nitty-gritty...


Sanding away the old coating of paint or sealant.


We use only top quality cylinder sanding machines for a superb finish.


This is usually a three-stage process with different grades of sanding paper: coarse to scrape off the surface;


medium to rub it down and then fine to create a smooth finish.



We also use hand-sanders and hand-finishing for those


awkward-shaped rooms and inaccessible corners.

Renew Your Wooden Floors with Floor Refreshing Contractors



In Contractors Floor Sanding We Have The Lowest Prices Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Contractors Floor Sanding Affordable Floor Sanding Services in Contractors Floor Sanding



Yes, floor sanding has been a notoriously messy and disruptive job.But rest assured that this is a thing of the past.


We’ll do all we can to minimise any inconvenience to your domestic or commercial schedule.The room has to be cleared or large items of furniture moved aside.


If you so request, our team can do this for you.


Old carpets and floor coverings have to be disposed of. Not always an easy task, as they can be large and heavy, so we’ll take them away to the appropriate facility.


We cover all items and block all doors and windows.


Those days of dust lingering around for weeks are long gone. Our modern cylinder machines from world class manufacturers are extremely efficient.


And we ensure sanding is 99% dust free. How? Our unique collection system allows us to place the dust collection bags outside each room of your property.

Beautiful picture for floor sanding in Contractors Floor Sanding

A new look ?

You now have the option of staining the fresh bare wood of your floor. A clear stain will enhance the


grain of the wood; a light washed lime, for example, brightens a bedroom or kitchen.

In Contractors Floor Sanding We Have The Best Services




In Contractors Floor Sanding We Have The Highest Quality Of Products

And finally: a fresh protective layer to deal with those spills, scrapes and the pressure of feet.Forget that old plastic lacquer, a wide range of sealants is available today:

Synthetic sealant, ideal for a hard-wearing surface in busy areas of the home or a public building.Modern lacquers are water-based and environmentally friendly. They are completely safe for application in the home - on areas used by children and pets.

Synthetic sealant, ideal for a hard-wearing surface in busy areas of the home or a public building.Modern lacquers are water-based and environmentally friendly. They are completely safe for application in the home - on areas used by children and pets.


In Contractors Floor Sanding We Use High Quaility Stains Contractors Floor Sanding We Have The Right Lacquers For Your Floor
In Contractors Floor Sanding We Always Make Sure Our Clients Are Happy With the Results In Contractors Floor Sanding We Stain Your Floors With the Best Products

The modern compromise between a natural oiled look and hard-wearing synthetic sealants.


The most flexible sealant for so many situations and a good choice if you want the beauty of natural oil combined with a long-lasting surface that retains its looks.


We love wooden floors and want to create the very best.


Your new floor will only be as good as the products used in its restoration. Cheaper materials don’t last, soon suffer fading


and wear - and offer poor value.A floor that lasts with minimal after-care and maintenance is less hassle. It will give you the peace of mind


that the next restoration is years into the future. So we use only the very best modern stains and sealants.



We offer full advice as to the maintenance your floor requires - depending on the type of floor and the sealants you have chosen.


For small floors in the home, this is usually something you can do yourself. For larger areas, call on us for advice and treatment.

In Contractors Floor Sanding We Treat Your Floor With The Best Stain Products

Go for the best - contact us today !

In Contractors Floor Sanding We Use The Best Products For Your Floors



In Contractors Floor Sanding We apply High quality Oils On Your Floors


In Contractors Floor Sanding We Have The Latest Technology

Wooden floors don’t have to be restricted to the brown serious look.  


So we’re ready to advise you on how your floor can match and enhance your decor – through the possibilities of imaginative staining.


A bright finish in Scandinavian white, for example, is currently very popular for the fresh eco look provided by natural wooden materials.

No matter where your floor is located - in a library, school, museum, sports hall, gallery, shop, office, cafe or restaurant..


We’ll make it worthy of its setting, to impress staff, customers and visitors.What are your requirements? A hard-wearing floor to withstand heavy traffic? A beautiful surface to add class and distinction to the venue?


We’ll provide the best advice and create the new floor you want.

We strive to do an efficient and seamless job. You don’t want to shut down and be out of action for any longer than necessary. We offer flexible working to suit your schedule - at weekends or even overnight.


When necessary, we’ll put in a team for a speedy job, using quick drying products and techniques.

You won’t lose business and your customers will be impressed the very next morning!

In Contractors Floor Sanding The Biggest Experts Are Working With Us In Contractors Floor Sanding We Are Thankful For Trusting On Our Expert Service

With over 26 years of renewing knowledge,                                                                                                                                                



we're dedicated to making sure that your wooden                                                                                                                                              



floors always get the best renovation service.    

In Contractors Floor Sanding Our Employees are always Tidy & Friendly


A more complicated job requiring work by hand on the banisters. A freshly sanded and painted stairway is a most


impressive feature for the right property.

In Contractors Floor Sanding We Use The Best Materials That Match Your Floor's Preferences


A more complicated job requiring work by hand on the banisters. A freshly sanded and painted stairway is a most


impressive feature for the right property.

In Contractors Floor Sanding We Use The Best Practices For Surface Treatment


We are dedicated to having staff who will only complete the very best job. All are highly trained in the use of our machines and the application of stains and sealants.  Some have been with us since we began.  


At Contractors Floor Refurbish Company, we keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest machines and floor products.  We test them as they come onto the market - to ensure


we continue to use only those of the highest quality.




We are members of the Federation of Small Business and certified members of the National Floor Restoration Association (NFFA).

In Contractors Floor Sanding We Use The Finest Hardwood For Your New Floor

Take the first steps towards your new floor


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The Floor Reconditioning Contractors !

The 1960s was a bad time for modern architecture: brutalist buildings, the now discredited tower blocks and soulless shopping centres.


But the passage of time gives us the perspective to perceive certain buildings in a new light.  Witness the judgement of Ian Nairn on Eros House in Catford.  He was a passionate and idiosyncratic writer on design and architectural matters with decidedly forthright views.


As he wrote in 1966 in ‘Nairn’s London’, his seminal book of the capital’s best things...


‘A monster set down in London and just what it needed..’.


He goes on to praise its concrete punchiness - with rough concrete put through its paces from convex eaves and boxed-out bow windows to a staircase tower.


This 1962 creation by Owen Luder is an avant-garde building ‘done from real conviction, not from a desire for self advertisement.


Honesty rules, with this building transforming the surroundings instead of despising them.  A craggy and uncompromising building ‘turns out to be full of firm gentleness’.


We might all do well to hold back from instant judgement of the more extreme modern buildings - though can hardly hope to match Mr Nairn’s piecing eye, let alone his sensibility.


The Floor Repair Contractors !


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How often does a wood floor need sanding?


If you have a hardwood floor or are considering wooden floors in your home, you will want to know

more about their maintenance and care. You might think that wooden floors will take up a lot of your

time, and lead to many costly maintenance visits for resanding and polishing. In fact, wood floors

need surprisingly little care to keep them looking great.


Wood has been used for flooring in homes for hundreds of years. This is because it is not only a

stylish material, but it is extremely practical and durable too. Once your new floor is fitted, you can

expect it to last for hundreds of years - as long as it receives good care over those years! Make sure

it gets a weekly sweeping, a monthly scrub with an approved floor cleaner, and a fresh sealing coat

every few years - speak to our engineers if your maintenance visit is due.



Latest News, Recommended Articles & Tips

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Wood floor sanding is designed to remove scratches and stains, to restore the wood's natural finish

and to breathe new life into the floor. There is nothing quite like the look of a freshly sanded and

finished floor. However, there might be a temptation to over-sand, and this should be avoided. There

are only so many layers of wood that can be removed before the floor loses its integrity, so sanding

is recommended once a decade at most. Ideally, every thirty years is a good schedule to keep with

regard to a full sanding down and resealing job.


In the meantime, use your judgement when scrapes and scratches occur. Often a repair job can be

completed without the need to fully strip a layer of flooring away, so consult our experts if you are

unsure what you need. It is good practice to take care of damage quickly because a small issue can

be resolved easily but a crack or split could worsen over time - and become more expensive to

repair in the process.


If you have further questions about floor sanding or if you want to make an appointment with our

wood floor engineers, call and speak to The Floor Sanding Contractors today.


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